It’s Different For Girls 04/03/2019



Sisters are doing it for themselves! In the gear up for International Women’s Day (which lands this Friday) #TeamKC music collaborated with Worcester Arts Workshop to put on a performance showcasing an evening of music, spoken word and poetry from local ladies. The event was free, with all donations going to Women’s Aid.

With performances from our Music Learners, the night featured Poppy  W SHannah Law musicHayley JuhaszMali Elin – Music, acoustic ensemble Humble Helios and Far From Focus. All local women. All incredibly talented. All showcasing what the girls can do when the boys aren’t around.

As usual, ‘The Vault’ proved the perfect backdrop for each performance, with lighting from our own talented theatre tech Lauren Russell adding the finishing touch to a powerful and emotive evening.



The guys over at WAW had this to say about the night!

A really fantastic night, a big thank you to Poppy WS for coming and performing. Poppy is one of the best acts around at the moment in our opinion, soulful, creative and virtuoso, she set the tone for the night.

Playing alongside her was Hannah Law music, Hayley Juhasz, Mali Elin – Music Far From Focus Humble Helios and they did a terrific job too.

So what’s it like once the boys aren’t around?

It was all a lot less competitive and showy. Less posing and posturing. What you got was interesting stories and a lot more raw emotion. All the acts seemed to really be supporting each other and egging each other on to be great.

A lot more talking with the audience and although some of the music was really emotional there were moments of pure comedy too.

Perhaps we need to lose the boys a bit more often…..?

If you haven’t had chance to check out this insane venue, in the heart of Worcester City Centre, we strongly recommend you get down to a show!


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