Hair and Media Make-Up’s Fantastic Creations! 07/12/2018


Recently our Hair and Media Make-Up learners completed one of their assessments and we were on hand to grab some photos! Their brief asked for them to be inspired by their favourite films or TV and utilise the skills they’ve learned over the past few months.  We’re sure you’ll agree that the results show how talented our learners are!


‘THE 100’

Sharna Watkins was inspired by her favourite TV show ‘The 100’.

Using the show’s post-apocalyptic tribe theme, this look was done using black eye shadow, an airbrush, and eyeliner to create war paint. The models hair was then crimped and outfitted with Celtic accessories!




This look was inspired by Disney’s ‘Frozen.

As the learner was a huge Disney fan! This was done with an airbrush, eye shadow, glitter, gems and a lot of imagination!



Kayla Stringer’s work was based on another Disney tale. ‘Alice In Wonderland

Kayla’s look was created using an airbrush, eye shadow and glue, red lipstick and lots and lots of red hairspray!



Courtney Smith’s look was created by using tribal paint like the Native Americans

This look was done with eye shadow, face paint and many  hair products!




Connie Burridge’s work was based on ‘ The Little Mermaid’,

To create her look Connie used various colours of eye shadow, red hairspray, lipstick, an airbrush and many undersea accessories!



Ellie Haste embraced her Christmas spirit! Inspired by everyone’s favourite Christmas story

 Her look was done with an airbrush, face paint and green hairspray, the result was something very Grinchy!


Course tutor Mollie Mansell said

“Our Learners have worked really hard for this assessment, they’ve utilised all the different skills they have learned recently to great effect! I am so proud of them all! We are keeping our fingers crossed a Hair & Media Make-Up Level 4 course will run next year to allow our learners to develop further!” 



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