Games Design Visit EGX 29/10/2019


Our Games Design & Development students had their annual visit to the EGX Expo 2019 in London last week, heading down to experience the latest developments, showcases and new releases!

With a chance to sample brand new games titles before anyone else, our students got to experience a whole host of new titles and innovative tech.


“Your essential source of advice on starting a career in the games industry. Attendees will have the opportunity to hear from experienced industry professionals representing a variety of roles.”

Our students got to attend the EGX Career Bar, where they were able to quiz industry professionals about how they got their foot in the door and scaled the career ladder.

The Careers Bar was manned, and womanned, by professionals representing roles from across the industry, all giving their time to support new talent in the industry they love. Chat revolved around CVs, courses, internships, work experience, freelancing, work-life balance and simply finding about the day to day reality of working in the industry.


Our students got to sit in on The Rezzed Sessions which was hosted by expert panelists and presenters, including some of the industry’s most successful developers. They’ll chatted through the decisions behind their latest game, and discussed everything from gaming addiction to crunch culture to tips on how to market indie games.


Part of the draw to this world renowned event was the opportunity to play and meet the creators of the world’s largest collection of indie games, with over 150 playable at the event!

Whilst playing, our students got the benefit of having the developer at their side, showing them around, answer their questions, and even helping them understand how to get started with a game idea of their own.

Meanwhile, the developers they got chatting to were able to find out which bits of their game our students enjoyed the most, what they think about the overall look and feel, and what they’d tweak if you could.

It’s a well known fact that Indies take the opinions of Convention goers pretty seriously and they often get invited to take part in beta testing after the show! We’re waiting to hear whether our students have an invite!


If you want to find out more our Games Design and Development courses, check out their specs HERE

You can also pop by our Digital Hub on 12th November from 5pm as part of our Open Evening! Keep an eye on our socials for more details!




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