Former Kidderminster College Music students perform on BBC Radio 1 Xtra’s Live Lounge… 09/03/2018

James Chatfield and Carl Carlos Browne, former college music students, had the amazing opportunity to perform with Ocean Wisdom, featuring Dizzee Rascal, on BBC Radio 1 Xtra’s Live Lounge.

As well as playing Ocean Wisdom’s Revvin’, they also played a Busta Rhyme’s cover of Gimee some More, with James on bass guitar, and Carl on drums.

James studied the HND Music Performance course at Kidderminster College, alongside Carl, who then moved on to the University of Gloucestershire to study music.  Carl is currently preparing to perform in front of millions at the opening ceremony of the Commonwealth Games in Australia. James and Carl are now making some serious steps towards developing a proper career in music.

James spoke about how the BBC Radio 1 session came about and his time on the HND Music course at Kidderminster College.  ‘It was all a last minute phone call from Kimberley Frezel who I went on a European tour with last year. After she met the head of ‘High Focus Records’, on a random train journey home one day, Alex Jennings, he called her on Monday night with the task to get a band ready for a BBC Live lounge session playing for Ocean Wisdom. Monday night I was in Kidderminster, Tuesday afternoon I was rehearsing in Brighton then Wednesday morning I was live on BBC Radio 1 Extra – it was madness, but incredibly fun.”

“None of this would have happened if I wasn’t so persistent with music and passionate for playing everyday, everywhere I can – things I learnt during my HND at Kidderminster College. The HND gave me so much insight it to what it takes to take up your passion for music full time, it’s sure not easy and I’ve hit some real low points with the sacrifices I’ve made for music, but I know I’ll overcome any obstacle providing my passion and vision is always there.”

See the performance here…



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