At Home with #TeamKC 31/03/2020


Well, here we are! It’s been an eventful couple of weeks hasn’t it? There’s been a lot of anxiety and change in the world, but also a lot of positivity and a huge sense of community. We thought we’d recap last week and show you what #TeamKC has been up to during the first week of lockdown.


Last week the Prime Minister announced the closure of all schools and colleges; but just because the doors are locked on the KC building, hasn’t meant that we’ve stopped! We’ve been Facetiming, Microsoft Teaming, remoting in, holding meetings, planning the future and keeping everything running behind the scenes. It’s business as usual for the staff at #TeamKC, even though some of us may be doing it in our slippers!


Our Hair & Beauty students have been honing their skills at home, from smokey eyes, full make-up tutorials to start to finish up-dos; they’ve been smashing it! Make sure you follow the ELEMENTS INSTAGRAM to see all the latest photos of their work! 


Our tutor Andy Edwards has been holding online lessons and creating his own drum tutorials! Check out his Facebook Page Did you know he’s a hugely renowned drummer? He’s performed with some of the greats all over the world! If you fancy being taught by him and our other pro musician tutors, head over to our apply button!


The Point have been pulling it out the bag, as usual! In this uncertain time it’s now even more important to be a community, support each other and add a ray of sunshine into each other’s lives. You can find the latest job vacancy updates, motivational quotes, advice on how to stay positive on both their INSTA and FACEBOOK.


The Point are also showcasing some of the incredible recreational courses they have on offer, so when we’re allowed out from this lockdown, you can start it the right way with a new hobby or skills!

KCLRC Book Reviews!


Our Learning Resource Centre have launched their own Youtube channel! Currently, they have a couple of book reviews up on there and are planning on doing our #WellnessWednesday drop-in sessions this week! Give it a peek! 

Make sure you’re following the LRC on all their socials, they’re regularly putting out interesting, informative and inspirational content and resource suggestions to hopefully keep boredom at bay!


Being on lockdown hasn’t stopped our infamous Ignite Dance Centre! The living room may be a little different to our state of the art dance studios, but the girls and guys are making do and continuing to be put through their paces! Hard work pays off remember! 

Give them a follow on FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM to catch the latest! 


To cheer us all up a bit, we asked to see photos of your pets over on Facebook, and the #TeamKC community didn’t disappoint! Take a look at all your #WFH buddies!

One of the upsides to working from home is definitely spending time with your furry friends and just taking stock of the little things.


Student Services have taken to Facebook to help you with some boredom-busting tips and free resources! So if this lockdown is already sending you stir-crazy, head over to their Facebook page; they’ve got a list of online coding courses, guitar lessons and mental health tips over there! 


We all came out of our houses / leaned out the windows and applauded the amazing NHS on Thursday. It was actually quite emotional hearing everyone from the surrounding streets showing their support for this invaluable service and the incredible people that are on the front line of this pandemic.


We’ve also been updating our INSTAGRAM stories with regular advice and tips; things like How to Work From Home, How to Look After Your Mental Health…handy advice like that. You can catch up by heading to our profile and checking out our highlights.


We’ve updated our COVID-19 page (click the image on the left to go straight to it); it’s got all the essential contact details for staff at KC, an FAQ about Coronavirus and some handy FAQ’s about what’s happening at #TeamKC.


Just when we thought we’d grasped what day it was, the clocks did a thing and went forward and now we don’t know what day or what time it is all over again! It’s been taking bit of getting used to, working and learning from home with all these distractions. It hasn’t helped that it’s been a bit unsettling stepping out the door at times. But, we will come through this. Make sure you’re taking the time to practice self-care, to take a moment to be mindful, to appreciate what you have, to be creative or just to binge watch that series on Netflix.  Try not to feel under too much pressure from social media,  so what if all you did today was a bit of homework and moved from the kitchen to the living room? Use this lockdown time to focus on you, and you alone. And we’ll be seeing you soon.

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