At Home with #TeamKC – Week 7 11/05/2020

KC AT HOME – Week 7

And here we are, Week 7 of lockdown. We’re not sure if it’s gone really quickly, or really slowly. We’ve sort of lost all sense of time at the moment! Some days are a huge struggle, others are easy as pie. But we’re managing, we’re coping and we’re above all trying to be kind to ourselves. We wouldn’t say we’re settling into this new way of life, we’re just…getting through it to the best of our abilities. We’re focusing on the positives, on creating our “new normal”, on staying in touch and looking after our mental health. 

So what did we get up to last week? Well… 


Our Music Tutor Andy has put out another lockdown lesson, and lets face it, it’s not every day you get to be taught by an industry renowned specialist (well, it is if you’re on our KC Music course…) He’s also recorded a video of him practicing, which is an amazing watch! Plus, we’re loving his lockdown hair right now!

Check both the videos out below:-


Our Vocational Skills students have been doing their own version of Dragons Den! Tasked to come up with a product for a pet or animal at their workplace, they had to “pitch” to their tutors and LSPS

“Each student did fantastic and explained their product really well in their teams chatroom’s – Tom, Tutor

Whilst members of the class were pitching, all those that weren’t were able to watch a Lockdown Lesson 1 by CritterBox. It focused on  “Therapy animals and their benefits – “Training” therapy animals – Handling & control of animals in sessions”. We’re still being constantly blown a way by the ingenious methods our tutors are using to keep #TeamKC learning!

FIKA – Mental Fitness

Our partnership with FIKA is still going strong; it’s essential at the moment to keep an eye on your mental health, it’s time to make it a priority and to set down a foundation that you can draw upon throughout your life. With tips, advice, tutorials and a community, FIKA has both been keeping us busy and helping us take a step back from that horrible sense of uncertainty we’re all feeling from time to time at the moment.

KC students get access to all the resources free of charge, so if you haven’t downloaded the app yet, head over to our blog post!


Our talented MT students tried something different this week!

Little bit of Latin…💃 Something completely new for lockdown for MT2 👏💜

You can keep up with what our Musical Theatre students are up to over on their Facebook and Instagram 


AKA Star Wars Day! 

It was a bit of fun this week, and interesting to see the results of our Original Saga VS Prelude Movies! Original Saga was a clear winner! Who can resist Han Solo?!


To commemorate the 75th VE Day, the LRC showcased a VE poem a day and reviewed a VE themed book! To check out the rest of their featured poems, head over to their Youtube channel!


We’re still making noise at 8pm on #ThankYouThursday. Seven weeks in and our NHS, our keyworkers, our postmen and women, our police officers, they’re all still working hard; putting themselves in harms way for us. And honestly, we could never and can never thank them enough!


So that’s it, Week 7 at Home with KC. We’re overcoming the struggles we’re encountering every day, we’re giving ourselves time to acknowledge and handle our emotions, we’re trying to stay productive, but not beating ourselves up when we don’t achieve everything we wanted. Remember, our Student Services and Counselling team are still on standby, head to our updates page for all the contact info.

We’ve got this.


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