At Home with #TeamKC – Week 2 06/04/2020

KC AT HOME — Week 2

Have you started to lose all sense of time? Because we have a little bit! We’re trying to style it out though and are getting a little more militant with our morning Work From Home routines! But we’re all in the same boat, working from home has it’s struggles, but you just have to keep going! We have to use this time to appreciate what we have, how strong we are, how inventive we can get when we need to!

This week we’ve been just as productive as always; meetings haven’t stopped, lessons haven’t stopped (although they will this week, hi HALF TERM!).

There’s definitely a theme to this second week of lockdown, we all seem to have taken to utilising the medium of video!


Where do we begin with these guys?! There’s a reason that Ignite Dance Centre are the best in the region! Despite being at home, the lessons and dancing have been going strong! Our students have been showing true dedication to their art, jumping on Instagram Live for broadcasted group lessons and maintaining their fitness during this lockdown


Tutor Andy Edwards has again taken to Facebook to share an intimate drum lesson from his studio! 

Not only that, but our students are providing live entertainment during the evenings via Facebook live or Youtube, head over to our FACEBOOK page for the next gig instalment!


They just keep smashing it! This week we’ve seen blow-drys, artists face painting, a brand-focused campaign and a bridal make-up project! Head over to their instagram for the latest pictures and updates! 

Lockdown Lesson Episode 2: Groovin!! (on a practice pad)I have decided to move my lessons onto a pad. I guess many drummers are stuck unable to practice on a kit and so now is the time really to get into pad practice.In this lesson I show how to practice groove ideas on the practice pad.I am also presenting everything warts and you get about three minutes of me practicing some grooves (no click) and then I overdubbed some funky guitar and bass afterwards. The drum lesson bit on the pad was done without any preparation, so I'm just talking about the concept and the ideas are happening as they come to it's all basically my thoughts today on the subject.If anyone wants me to cover a specific subject, let me know below....

Posted by Andy Edwards on Friday, 3 April 2020


Our Land-based tutor, Chris Millington has taken to teaching from home like a duck to water! Utilising his own green-house, he’s been providing detailed online lessons about planting to our Land-Based and Conservation students.


This week our insta stories have been focused on Course Spotlights; we want you to Find Your Place at #TeamKC, so we’ve created a list of careers you can go on to, what salaries you can expect to get, what skills you might need and a link to all the courses that will get you there! If you haven’t already, head over to our COURSE SPOTLIGHT highlights to take a peek and get some inspo for your next step! 


Despite being on lockdown, our Animal Care students have been honing their skills at home, looking after their pets! We’ve been so impressed with how our more practical classes have come up with inventive ways to keep teaching and learning! 


We finally received guidance from Ofqual about how your GCSE exam grades in English and maths will be determined; head over to our FAQ for more information about what is happening. 


We know things feel like they’re completely up in the air at the moment, but it won’t affect your chances of finding your place at #TeamKC! We’re still accepting applications, we still want you with us! Head over to our APPLICATIONS PAGE for the latest lowdown and what you need to do to join #TeamKC for 2020!


Between video team meetings, countless emails and Microsoft chats, Zoom’s and House Party gatherings, #TeamKC have made a point of staying connected, of checking in on each other, of sending silly memes or happy birthdays (you poor people have birthday’s at this time…when it’s over, we’ll celebrate). We’ve been utterly blown away by everyone’s; students, teachers, support staff alike’s hard work, enthusiasm and motivation the past two weeks. We’re definitely not just a college, we’re a community. 


Our Learning Resource Centre have kept the book recommendations coming! They’ve now also started a WELLBEING WEDNESDAY (hit the clip below to see), which will hopefully run alongside our ENRICHMENT STORIES on insta! You can now even follow them on Facebook for all the latest updates, inspiration and activities to keep boredom at bay! 


So Wednesday’s are enrichment days at #TeamKC, and we’ve been keeping that up! Head over to our INSTAGRAM STORIES for the last two instalments and keep an eye on them in the upcoming weeks! 


We’re sorry the images below are a little blurry, head over to our INSTAGRAM PAGE to see them in all their glory!


#TeamKC came out in force on Thursday, joining hundreds and thousands of people around the country in applauding, whooping and shouting for our amazing key workers who have been keeping everything afloat whilst we’ve all been in lockdown. We’ll have a video coming soon, so keep your eyes peeled!


And on that positive note, it’s time for us to sign off for another week. We’re in this together; the highs, the lows, the dips and the peaks. Just because we’re not in the building doesn’t mean we’re any less #TeamKC!

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