An Ocean’s Tale 21/06/2019


Yesterday in the LRC, our fantastic Level 1 Performing Arts learners presented their latest show, ‘An Ocean’s Tale’. Aimed at raising awareness of the devastating effect pollution is having on the planets ocean’s and what we can do to take action, the production was accompanied by a contemporary dance piece from learner Dan Breakwell called ‘Dan’s Idea Machine’.

Using a variety of different disciplines, from dance to puppetry & poetry, our learners created a thought provoking piece that fully showed their fantastic talents, streamed on Facebook Live the performance received a staggering 770 views! This is a testament to how far they have come as a group and we can’t wait to see what they come up with in the future!


Chris Millington – Lecturer

I couldn’t be prouder of the learners and the work they have all put into this piece, they are a huge credit to themselves and this college! The staff have also been incredibly supportive and I thank everyone who has played a part in the development of this piece. A true team effort from start to finish!


The fact that 70% of our planet is covered by ocean, makes them among the earth’s most valuable natural resources, ‘An Ocean’s Tale’ was devised by Level 1 Performing Arts to raise awareness for a real problem we are facing and how we MUST cut down on the use of plastic and fossil fuels. Basing their performance on a topic that many people are very passionate about meant each piece really tugged on the heartstrings!


You can find out what our Performing Arts learners get up to on their Facebook page

And you can view the full performance of ‘An Ocean’s Tale’ HERE 

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