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KC’s Supporting in Teaching and Learning Qualification is designed to help you develop the knowledge and skills needed when supporting teaching and learning in schools. Whether you’re looking at starting your career in supporting pupils’ learning needs, special needs assistance, or learning support, this course is for you!

Below you’ll find a sample of the resources and tasks that you’ll be asked to use and do throughout your time at KC. Kickstart your time at KC and take a look!

We have quite an array of watchable resources for this qualification, take a look at the videos below!

This video was made just as the National curriculum was introduced for primary and secondary schools in 2014. The videos are based on literacy lessons and the content may surprise you as to how in-depth children’s literacy learning is

This is a link to a recruitment agency, however the video outlines the roles and responsibilities of TAs

Whilst American, this video clearly explains all aspects of planning lessons and is just as relevant in the UK. We do ask our teaching assistant students to plan short activities. The information in this video is very useful, explaining all areas to look at when planning an activity


As mentioned above, we do ask our students to complete activities in class. These activities must all be based on the curriculum that the schools follow.

All state schools have to follow the national curriculum, whereas birth to the end of reception age groups follow the EYFS. Schools that support children with special needs follow the P level curriculum and other specialist schools such as Steiner Schools follow their own curriculum.


Your task is to prepare a rough plan of an activity suitable to support children’s learning in an area of your choice (i.e literacy, maths, RE, PE, art, science etc.).

To do this you will need to:

  • Select a child’s age (you could base this on your children if you have them, or the age group you would ideally like to work with).
  • Look at the appropriate curriculum below in our Research Section, to find an aim for the activity.
  • Plan a 10 minute activity for the child or small group of children. You can refer to websites such as Pinterest, TES (Times Education Supplement) or Twinkl for ideas. You may be asked to sign up for an account- all these websites have some free access so you won’t need to pay. We will build on this plan during class. Think about all the areas in the lesson planning video above. 


If you want to do a bit more research over the summer in prep for your start on our Supporting Teaching & Learning in Schools qualification, follow the links below:-

By the end of your time studying Supporting Teaching & Learning In Schools at KC, you’ll have all the skills you need to break into the industry, you’ll have covered:-

Whether you’ve already got your career planned out, or you’re waiting to see where life takes you; check out a few of the career paths that will open up to you once you’ve completed KC.

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