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Our amazing English department at KC are dedicated to help you make sure that, when you leave us, you’ll be able to handle whatever life throws at you; whether it be being able to understand a work contract, write a letter to an MP or learning how to research something, the skills you develop with us at KC are with you for life!

Below you’ll find a sample of the resources and tasks that you’ll be asked to use and do throughout your time at KC. Kickstart your time at KC and take a look!

Take a look at some of the watchable resources below, you’ll be amazed at how much the skills you develop in English lessons will help you in the future!


To get you all set up for when you start at KC, have a go at this task that helps you work out your reading style – WHAT’S YOUR READING STYLE?


Time to get creative! As part of your Imaginative Writing module at KC, you’ll be asked to create a few characters from scratch, take a look at this task which explains how to do it using photos as inspiration! — CREATING CHARACTERS IN AN INSTANT


This task gives you the opportunity to write about your experiences — HOW WILL WE REMEMBER THE CORONAVIRUS PANDEMIC?


Task four is all about analysing a text and spotting how the words are making you feel and how they tell the story; read the extract and then fill out the questions in the form –  A WALK IN THE WOODS


In this task, we’re looking at speech writing; this is a great skill to have as you never know when you might have to talk in front of people or do a presentation – THE PRIME MINISTER’S SPEECH

If you want to do a bit more research over the summer in prep for your start at KC, check out the following link;

It might not seem like it right now, but completing your English GCSE with us at KC leads to some amazing things, take a look at our spiral below to find out more:-

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