KC Online – Brickwork

Looking at becoming a brickie? There’s so many career paths that come out of having a Brickwork Diploma; whether it be repair work, building houses, restoration work or setting up your own business, the skills you learn are indispensable and form the foundation for a rock solid career.  

Below you’ll find a sample of the resources and tasks that you’ll be asked to use and do throughout your time at KC. Kickstart your time at KC and take a look!

We have quite an array of watchable resources for this qualification, take a look at the videos below!


Can you name 15 tools that is required to prepare timber for making into a box to cover pipes inside a bathroom? Write these down and bring this with you when you come to class

If you want to do a bit more research over the summer in prep for your start on our Brickwork qualifications, follow the links below:-

By the end of your time studying Brickwork at KC, you’ll have all the skills you need to break into the industry, you’ll have covered:-

Whether you’ve already got your career planned out, or you’re waiting to see where life takes you; check out a few of the career paths that will open up to you once you’ve completed KC.

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