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The aim of KC’s innovative Art & Design programme is to give you full access to art resources and facilities, techniques and processes, and through communication and discourse, allow you to take your own journey of discovery into professional Art practices. Emphasis will be placed upon students’ ability in methods of creative production by maintaining an open mind towards the exploration of new ideas and risk-taking through the course progression.  

Below you’ll find a sample of the resources and tasks that you’ll be asked to use and do throughout your time at KC. Kickstart your time at KC and take a look!

We have quite an array of watchable resources for this qualification, take a look at the videos below!


We would like you to take the word ‘ISOLATION’ and explore artists and artwork that illustrate this theme, either in a literal meaning or a much deeper sense. 

Edward Hopper is the artist we want you explore first. Look at a range of his paintings and create an A4 page of notes about the artist, his life, work, techniques, processes and materials. 

Develop a range of sketches and ideas on how you would create an artwork on the theme. Use a variety of mediums (Pencil, paint, ink, collage, clay, digital imagery, photography etc)

The work you produce will be the starting point for the Induction week. 


If you want to do a bit more research over the summer in prep for your start on our Art & Design qualification, follow the links below:-

By the end of your time studying Art & Design at KC, you’ll have all the skills you need to break into the industry, you’ll have covered:-

Whether you’ve already got your career planned out, or you’re waiting to see where life takes you; check out a few of the career paths that will open up to you once you’ve completed KC.

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