KC Online – Access to FE and Progression

Access to Further Education and our newest course, Progression, are two of the most innovative qualifications KC offer! Alongside the practical learning experiences, you’ll develop personal qualities and attitudes, social and interpersonal skills and build your confidence. This course is an excellent opportunity to experience varied hands-on activities which will help you make an informed next step.

Below you’ll find a sample of the resources and tasks that you’ll be asked to use and do throughout your time at KC. Kickstart your time at KC and take a look!


It’s time to get creative! Part of both of our Access to FE and Progression qualifications revolve around cooking, so, we want you to create a three course meal menu! So, what would you have as a starter, a main course and a pudding? You can even draw out the design for the menu!


Now you’ve planned your menu, do some research into the ingredients you’ll need for it and how you would cook it again note it down for us!

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