KC Applicants – Progression Students

If you’re already a student at Kidderminster College and are looking to progress to the next level of your course, we ask one thing of you…

…we don’t mean to come across as shouty, we just want to make sure that secure next year’s place as smoothly and quickly as possible! There’s no need for you to go through your interview process again, you’ve already been here for one or two years! You know the ropes by now!

Our Online Application Form is designed for brand new students, or if you want to change course entirely! 

But don’t worry, we still got you! Here’s what we need you to do instead:

Schedule in a meeting with your tutor/ your tutor may already be inviting you to one of these meetings. This is your chance to discuss how you’ve found this year of your course, what your next steps might be and what options you’ve got open to you.

After you’ve had a chat with your tutor, they’ll sort out all your paperwork. All you have to do is sign on that dotted line!

Once your paper work has been processed by our Learner Data Services team, you’ll get an email with all your enrolment and induction details! Make sure you keep a note of this and turn up when you need to, you’ll be getting your new Student ID card at this time!

Easy peasy! 

If you are bit confused or unsure, make sure you have a word with your tutor, they’ll be able to help!

Our Induction Timetable is now live! Click the image below to find out when you’ll be heading into KC:

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