KC Applicants – Enrolment Information

So, you’ve had your interview, you’ve been offered a place and you’ve confirmed that you’ll be joining #TEAMKC in September 2020. Now comes the bit no one likes, waiting. Over March and April we’ll be busy preparing Enrolment booklets, these guys details everything you need to know; financial info, uniform/kit lists, safeguarding stuff, induction dates…all of that jazz. This will land on your doorstep in the summer; so keep an eye on that postbox!


You’ll also be sent a link to book your ENROLMENT SLOT. This is a super important link which we need to click.

Click that ENROLMENT BOOKING LINK, we can’t stress enough how important it is that you log on and get your spot booked ASAP, we need you to confirm when you can come in and get the final stage of joining #TEAMKC rolling. You’ll have a selection of times to choose from, pick the one most suitable for you. Then make a note / set a reminder in your phone — you don’t want to forget this time slot!

If none of the slots available work for you, please drop our Enrolment Team an email on Enrolment@kidderminster.ac.uk and they’ll be able to sort you out!

Click on the images below to see the full KC Enrolment dates!

It’s Enrolment Day! Please make sure you arrive at our Main Campus with about ten minutes to spare before your chosen time. REMEMBER TO BRING SOME ID WITH YOU BY THE WAY (PRO TIP: Make sure that’s out and ready the night before you enrol!). You’ll be meeting with a member of our Team to check through all the personal details you’ve given us and to get you enrolled on your course! You’ll also be given your ID card (Yep, you’re going to have your picture taken) and an official #TEAMKC student lanyard!

How long does enrolment take?

It normally takes about an hour from start to finish. There’s quite a bit of processing for us to do, but we’ve got it down to a fine art. However, we do recommend you allocate the full hour to being in college as we can’t promise there won’t be any queues!

Can I bring a parent/guardian?

Of course you can! We understand that it can be a little intimidating coming in on your own, but having said that, you’re sure to make friends in the queue!

I can't make my enrolment slot!

That’s okay! Life happens sometimes! Drop our Enrolment Team an email at Enrolment@kidderminster.ac.uk and they’ll be able to get you rebooked.

Do I need to bring anything with me to enrolment?

Yep. We need you to bring in a form of ID for us to check. But other than that, just yourself!

What's KC's dress code?

We’re pretty relaxed here, so dress code wise, it’s pretty informal. You’ll be meeting a lot of new people, so maybe wear something that gives you confidence? That’s our advice anyway!

Will I meet my tutor / classmates?

We try to do enrolments in groups to make this possible, but sometimes it doesn’t pan out like that. If you don’t meet everyone during enrolment, you’ll meet them at your induction.

Almost there! Your induction dates will be in the Enrolment Booklet which landed on your doorstep a few weeks ago. Make a note of the date and time, then head down to the Main Campus! This is where you’ll meet your tutor, classmates and get another tour of the college. DON’T FORGET YOUR LANYARD! We’re strict on your security at #TEAMKC, so you’ll need to get used to wearing this every time you’re in college.

And that’s it!

Welcome to #TEAMKC! 

Welcome to Finding Your Place!

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