KC 2020 Induction

We honestly can’t wait to meet you in person soon! But, you’ve got to wait just a little longer!

This year, KC are doing all of their inductions online, PLEASE DO NOT COME INTO THE BUILDING FOR INDUCTION UNLESS YOU HAVE BEEN TOLD TO.


Once you’ve enrolled with us, your KC account will be set up within 24 hours. KC Inductions will be taking place over Microsoft Teams this year, and it’s to you to get everything downloaded and sorted. Remember, you’re not at school anymore!

We’ve created this handy guide about what you need to do; how to find your student number, where to download your apps from etc. You need to get on this ASAP, no last minute jobs, as you never know whether you internet is going to behave, and you don’t want to miss your ‘Online First Day’!



You should already have received our Induction Timetable, but just incase, take a look at the below; these will be the days that you’ll need to be online to meet us.


If your subject is scheduled in for induction on the 4th September, we will be asking you to come in. Your tutor will contact you will all the details!

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