Funding to Train an Apprentice

Funding to Train an Apprentice

Employ 49 or less staff?

If you employ 49 or less staff and recruit 16-18-year-old the government will fully fund 100% of the apprentice training, this also applies if 19-24-year olds who have previously been in care or have a Local Authority Education, Health Care Plan. If you recruit an apprentice aged 19 plus the government fund 95% of the apprentice training and the employer is required to pay a small 5% contribution. This varies from programme to programme and you will be advised accordingly.

Employ 50 + staff?

If you employ 50 staff or more, the 5% employer contribution will apply regardless of age.

Understanding Employer Contributions

Employer contributions are a one- off cost, you can choose to pay a one-off payment at the start of the Apprenticeship or quarterly payments over the first 12 months of the programme.

Where the apprentice has prior knowledge, skills or experience the cost of training may be reduced. This will be determined at the start of the Apprenticeship.

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