Distance Learning – Understanding Working With People With Mental Health Needs

Understanding Working With
People With Mental
Health Needs



The objective of this Working with People with Mental Health Needs qualification is to give learners working in a health or social care context, an understanding of approaches to supporting those with mental health needs. It will also enable learners to progress to other qualifications in health care and social care.


Unit 1: Understanding the role of the mental health worker

  • Knowing the standards required to work in mental health
  • Understanding the factors that support good practice in mental health work
  • Understanding how personal development can contribute to own work role
  • Knowing how to maintain own wellbeing when working in mental health

Unit 2: Mental Health and mental health issues

  • Understanding the concepts of mental health
  • Knowing common types of mental health problems and illnesses
  • Knowing the legislation and guidance that applies to those with mental health problems

Unit 3: Understanding duty of care in adult health and social care

  • Understanding what is meant by ‘duty of care’
  • Knowing about dilemmas and conflicts relating to duty of care
  • Knowing how to recognise and report unsafe practices
  • Understanding the impact of own actions on individuals and others
  • Understanding the importance of consent in health and social care practice

Unit 4: Approaches to care and management in mental health

  • Understanding the key features of the care planning process
  • Understanding aspects of good practice in the care planning process

Unit 5: Understanding change and support in relation to mental health

  • Understanding how mental health change occurs
  • Understanding the role of others in the individual’s mental health change
  • Knowing the treatment options available to manage mental health problems
  • Knowing how to access information to support understanding of the mental health issues

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