Distance Learning – Understanding Personal Care Needs

Understanding Personal
Care Needs



The purpose of the Level 2 Certificate in Understanding Personal Care Needs is to give learners specialist knowledge to support their work within the social care and healthcare sectors. Learners will gain knowledge and understanding by successfully completing the units required.

The target customer for this qualification will be an individual working within the health and social care sector, looking to gain specialist knowledge and understanding of personal care needs.


Unit 1: Understanding person-centred care

  • Understanding person-centred approaches for care and support

  • Understanding the importance of establishing consent when providing care or support

  • Understanding how to encourage active participation

  • Understanding how to support the individual’s well-being

Unit 2: Understanding how to support personal hygiene

  • Understanding the importance of good personal hygiene
  • Understanding how to support an individual with their personal hygiene
  • Knowing the underlying issues which may result in poor personal hygiene

Unit 3: Understanding foot care for individuals

  • Understanding the basic structure and function of the foot
  • Understanding the causes and risk factors of foot problems
  • Understanding how to carry out foot and nail care
  • Understanding reporting and referral procedures in relation to foot care

Unit 4: Understanding how to support individuals to maintain oral health

  • Understanding the importance of good oral health
  • Knowing how to support an individual to maintain good oral health
  • Understanding the effects of oral health on well-being
  • Knowing the importance of including oral health in care plans and records

Unit 5: Understanding pressure area care

  • Understanding factors contributing to the development of pressure sores
  • Understanding good practice in relation to pressure area care
  • Understanding how to follow an agreed care plan
  • Knowing about materials, equipment and resources available to undertake pressure area care
  • Understanding how to undertake pressure area care

Unit 6: Understanding sepsis

  • Knowing what sepsis is and who it may affect
  • Understanding causes of sepsis
  • Understanding signs and symptoms of sepsis
  • Understanding different treatments for sepsis
  • Understanding regulation and guidance in relation to sepsis

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