Distance Learning – Improving Personal Exercise, Health and Nutrition


The Level 2 Improving Personal Exercise, Health and Nutrition course aims to provide knowledge on the importance of exercise and nutrition and how this can benefit the well-being of individuals. This course can be seen as an expansion to the Level 2 Nutrition and Health course as it goes in to deeper analysis in anatomy and monitoring/evaluating one’s exercise and nutrition lifestyle.

A poor diet and lack of exercise are seen as some of the major factors in ill health. Regular exercise and a balanced diet is important in one’s life and it helps to reduce stress, improve sleep, reduce the risk of illness and increase the quality of life.

Having a good understanding of diets, nutrition, exercise and personal motivation is vital in order to maintain well-being of yourself and others.


Unit 1: Understand health, well-being and exercise

In this unit, you will cover the concepts of health and well-being, factors that could have a negative impact on health and well-being, factors that can affect personal motivation, and the basics of anatomy and physiology.

Unit 2: Understand the role of nutrition in exercise

You will learn about diet and nutrition, energy requirements and fluid replacement for exercise.

Unit 3: Plan and prepare for personal exercise and nutrition

In the third and final unit of this course, your employees will learn about the importance of exercising safely, how to measure personal fitness levels, how to follow an appropriate personal programme of exercise and nutrition, and how to evaluate a personal programme of exercise and nutrition.