Technical Theatre – Stage Management, Lighting & Sound Design for Theatre Diploma – Level 3

This level 3 production arts programme is new to September 2020 and is a re-boot of our highly successful Theater Arts course. This new version is very current and contains not only technical theatre design but also covers many other strategic and important areas of the industry for example Stage management and Make up for media and Film. This will allow you to look into the alternative side of the industry including business and people management. You will be trained in a working theater by professional industry staff, experiencing lights, sound and action. Effects and what can be done with technology. You will work with performers to gain and understanding of how to light them, how to manage them and how to be the brains behind a major performance/production

Set, lighting, sound and props. These are a few of the elements required to put together a production. This course looks at each of these and more, helping you develop skills that are transferable from an arena sized concert or a theatrical production all the way to small scale touring theatre.

You will look into the alternative side of the industry; business and people management alongside the more obvious aspects of the course; such as stage management, theatre design, lighting design

Aimed at students of all ages and levels of experience, our Level 3 Extended Diploma will teach you a wide range of skills required to run theatre productions. From learning how to light a stage, to managing the sound, to designing and building the set, this course will give you the foundation needed to pursue a career in the performing arts industry via higher education. There will be no shortage of hands-on experience on this course, you'll work with #TeamKC's Creative Industries department performers to gain and understanding of how to light them, how to manage them and how to be the brains behind a major performance/production

  • What will be studied
    • Lighting
    • Live sound
    • Rigging
    • Set design/builds
    • Stage management
  • What are the entry requirements?

    5 x GCSE grades at 4 (formerly C) or above, including Maths and English.

  • Where does this course lead to?

     There are so many career possiblities once you have this qualification under your belt!

    Sound engineer, Lighting engineer, Pro Lighting and Sound Manufactuer, Stage Manager

  • How will this course be delivered?

    This programme will be delivered via a variety of media:

    • Practical assignments
    • Course work
    • 1:1 support
    • Tutorials
    • Presentations
    • Demonstrations
    • Class work
  • How will I be assessed?
    • Practical assignments
    • Course work
    • Presentations
    • Class work
  • How to get a place?
    Fill out our quick and easy application form HERE 

    After you've got KC's Technical Theatre Level 3 under your belt, you will be able to progress onto careers such as:

    Sound Engineer, Lighting Engineer, Pro Lighting and Sound manufacturer, Stage Manager, Sound Designer, Set Builder, Stage Designer, Lighting Designer, University



Start Date : September 2021 End Date : July 2022 Fee : N/A
Day : N/A Time : N/A Fee Description : N/A Duration : N/A
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