Performing Arts Diploma – Level 1

This programme is a fantastic foundation and introduction to the performing Arts aimed at learners who have struggled academically or who may need specific support with their education. Learners will work through various exiting units which will include Dance, Acting, Business Organisation and Major Performance Processes. This programme will also allow the learner to focus on many different types of transferable skills, enrich their social ability's and broaden their knowledge of the arts and the Creative Industries.

The course is very specific in terms of the units offered which are very much industry based, while at the same time giving a rich and varied scope of creative performance techniques. This is a very practical course focusing on transferable and vocational skills. This will allow the learner to experience all the many facets of the Performing Arts in order to create a solid foundation for further study, may that be dance, musical theatre, music or drama pathways.

The course is very much performance based, the learner will be working alongside other Level 1 learners, gaining experience and training in all areas of dance, acting and singing. Learners will also study a unit in career planning, which will heighten research skills and promote an understanding of theory. Learner support will be a very integral part of the course, tailored to the specific needs of the learner.

There are also many other opportunities to gain experience when collaborating and working alongside higher level learners when taking part in production processes and extra-curricular activities/classes.


Start Date : September 2020 End Date : June 2021 Fee : N/A
Day : N/A Time : N/A Fee Description : N/A Duration : 1 Year
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