Skye Sykes [Hairdressing Apprenticeship]

The Interview

Hi Skye, tell us a bit about yourself and the business where you work.

My name is Skye Sykes ad I am 19 yrs old. I currently work at Angie Monroe Hair & Beauty. At the salon there is just myself and my employer Angie that work there. The customers vary in age range which is good because we can offer a variety of different services. The salon also specialises in hair extensions, where I have built up a loyal customer base for this. After lock down I will also be offering a Make-up service within the salon. My role is a junior stylist which entails running a column for a variety of services.

What was your route into your current Apprenticeship?  What qualifications and experience did you need?

I first of all found a placement in a salon and then was signed up to Kidderminster College for my Apprenticeship. I did not need any experience for this Apprenticeship. Ideally Maths and English level 1 is needed.

I didn’t use the Gov website as I found my own work placement. I was pleased with the recruitment process as it was put in place very quickly.

For me the pros of having an Apprenticeship is that I was earning money whilst learning at the same time.

What’s next for you?

I would like to stay at the salon I’m at to gain more experience. Then in the future be self employed with my own salon.

What are your top tips for new apprentices?

To put in as much information as you possibly can on your C.V. For a successful interview, be prepared, ask questions and look smart and professional.

Always be prepared, turn up on time for your work placement and be prepared to follow instructions given.

Give it time when looking as it took me 12 months to find my placement and never give up hope

How has Covid affected you and your work?

The pandemic/lockdown has caused the Salon to close temporarily. I’m currently on furlough.

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