Samuel Meese (Social Media Apprenticeship)

Samuel Meese started an advanced apprenticeship in Social Media in October 2017 with Russell Perks Martial Arts Academy. His role was to increase engagement at the academy and improve content with their Facebook, Instagram and web pages.  Since beginning his apprenticeship, engagement on social media has vastly improved, resulting in 65 new members joining the academy.

Samuel is also a 5th degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do and a fully qualified personal trainer who teaches martial arts classes alongside his apprenticeship.

Samuel has attended extra courses including a Facebook essential boot camp, plus plenty of health and safety training. He said: “The Kidderminster College apprenticeship course has really helped me gain a better understanding of social media and I am really looking forward to the future on the course and my progression within the academy.”

Russel Perks, owner of the academy has been really impressed with the apprenticeship scheme and how productive Samuel’s role has been for the academy. “I had always been interested in taking on an apprentice but never knew how to get the process started. I contacted Kidderminster College and they made the process so much easier than I thought. They have been supportive all the way with Samuel.”

“Having an extra staff member within my business has helped in such a huge way and now our social media presence is better than ever and is very productive. I have always been a person who wants to help others and see them develop, especially within the martial arts, but now I can do it on an employment basis as well, which is amazing. I am now looking at taking further apprentices on this year to grow our team”

For further information about Social Media and other apprenticeships offered by Kidderminster College, please contact our apprenticeship team on 01562 826515 or e-mail

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