Rachael Parsons [Student Governor]

We caught up with our Student Governor Rachael to chat about her experience at KC.


What school were you at before KC and what course did you study at Kidderminster College?

I studied the Work Based Animal Care level 3 course at KC, before that I did the Animal Care level 1 and 2 at the Safari Academy. Before Kidderminster college I went to Stourport high school. I chose Kidderminster college over other colleges because the reviews for the animal care course were brilliant and they were right, I do not regret one bit going to Kidderminster College.

How would you describe your experience at Kidderminster?

My experience at Kidderminster was rocky to start off with, only because it was a new place. But, overall my experience was absolutely fantastic!

The advice I would give any potential students is to be yourself and don’t change yourself to fit in. For students wanting to look into animal care I would say speak to the tutors at the Safari Academy as well as at the college, the tutors are fantastic at the college and they will tell you anything you need to know about the course.

What has been your biggest challenge?

My biggest challenge in terms of my education was struggling to focus. However, Tom my tutor gave me ways to help keep my focus on my education.

What has been your highlight at KC?

My two biggest and proudest moments at Kidderminster College would be conquering my fear of snakes and partly getting over my fear of spiders. My other proudest moment was becoming student governor and having the opportunity to speak on behalf of other students in learner voice during this role.

My role as student governor has changed the way I look at things, I thought being a student meant that we couldn’t do much to help the college. But, from my time as governor I have a totally different perspective.  I feel like I have helped the college by sharing my opinions and I have enjoyed every minute of being student governor.

Now you have finished your course, what’s next for you?

Now that I have finished Kidderminster college I have been looking into doing a level 3 teaching degree to be able to either teach or be a teaching assistant in animal care. I’ve also been looking into joining the RSPCA training centre to train as an inspector.

Overall I have loved being at Kidderminster College and I would advise any students looking for a College to come to Kidderminster, you wont regret it! I have had a lot of help from Kidderminster College not just with my education but with my metal health and I will always be eternally grateful for that.  I have learnt if I never wanted to talk to my tutors I would be able to go to the LSP’S, they are fantastic just like the tutors I have had over the past 3 years. I would not have had a place at KC without Sharon strange, she was always so supportive.


We wish Racheal the best of luck in whatever she does next!

Follow Racheal’s Journey with Level 3 Work Based Animal care and Animal Care level 1 & 2 at the Safari Academy.

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