Lenny Smith [Equine Studies]

Lenny Smith, one of our Level 2 Equine students has received an offer letter from the National Horseracing College and will start his Foundation course in August to begin his racing journey. Congrats Lenny!


What course are you currently studying at KC?
I am studying Equine Level 2. 


What’s the next step for you after you have completed your level 2 in Equine at KC?
I will be attending the National Racing College in August to gain racing experience that I can use towards my dream job of a riding instructor.


Why did you choose KC and what did you like about studying here?
 I chose to come here because it is close to home. I like studying here because my teachers have helped me expand my equine knowledge and terminology. I like going to the yard every week and enjoy the riding lessons the most, but I also like handling and caring for the horses.


What has been your proudest moment or biggest achievement in terms of your education?
My proudest moment this year was completing a 75cm show jumping course on a challenging horse. I am proud of passing the assignments I have completed so far.


What advice would you give our current students or potential students about going to KC or applying for the Equine course?
I would tell others to keep pushing their selves to achieve what they want to do. Don’t let people’s opinions stop you from learning the subject you want to study.


What do you love most about being in the equine industry?
 Meeting people that share the same interests and passions as me.


What has been your biggest challenge?
Maths has been my biggest challenge this year, but I know how important it is to have even in the equine industry for example calculating feeding rations.




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