Jim Fish/Harry Potter [Performing Arts]

A previous KC student playing Harry Potter!

KC Alumni Jim Fish kicked off his rather amazing acting career with a KC qualification; studying our prestigious Performing Arts course.

“I am a professional actor and have been working in the Industry since 1998. I am currently playing Harry Potter in Harry Potter and the Cursed Child in the West End.

My path into the business was not easy due to the lack of options there were for me training wise. My high school school didn’t offer GCSE drama and so when it came to leaving school I was desperate to find somewhere that could teach me what I needed to know. Kidderminster College was that place and then some.

Coming straight from school I was firstly surprised at the way we were communicated to. The lecturers treated us as adults and even asked for our opinions. I’d never been witness to this before and it gave me a real sense of worth. I attended the BTEC performing arts course and I focused mainly  on the acting classes but I took part in all elements of the course including dance, stage management, music and voice work. Being involved in all aspects taught me invaluable aspects of the job that I still put into practice today. The passion for which the teachers had for their own subjects was so refreshing that and I was excited to go into college every day.

During my time there I did a number of performances from classical pieces to new divised work. All of the handled with care and professionalism and i am immensely proud of the work I did there.

The training at Kidderminster was spectacular and without it I’m not sure I’d be where I am today.”


Jim Fish


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