Holly Buzdum [English & Maths Functional Skills]



We caught up with Holly who is the perfect example of determination and perseverance!



I started GCSE English at the College in 2015. I failed it.

I tried again in 2017 and failed, by 1 mark. It broke my heart as I’d tried so hard. I’d come in with a fresh mind, fresh stationary and a determination to pass. I can remember opening those results and crying. I told Hannah I couldn’t keep failing.

In 2018 I went back with the mindset ‘if I don’t pass this time, I’ll take a break.’ Hannah said “this year we are going to give it everything we’ve got. We’re not going through last year again!”



I went to every class. I asked every question I thought of. I gave it everything I had, and it worked.

I passed. I remember the moment I opened those results; Hannah standing next to me, beaming with happiness. After all the effort, the tears and struggles; I’d finally passed it.

Passing GCSE English was the best achievement I’ve ever made. It has opened up so many doors for me. I passed my driving test, first time, shortly after and now I have a full-time job working as an Administrator in the NHS.

I can’t thank Hannah and Lisa enough for all the help they gave me!






One of the things we put key emphasis on here at #TeamKC, is making sure that you leave us with your English & maths GCSE’s.

Any idea how many doors (both career-wise and personally) having your GCSE’s in English and maths will open for you? Or how easily you can be overlooked if you don’t have them? Here at #TeamKC, we don’t want that for you. So, alongside all of our course areas, we run GCSE English and maths, so don’t worry if you didn’t get the GCSE grades you were hoping for, we‘ve got you covered.  

As you can see, KC have an amazing team of highly qualified and experienced teachers who have developed a course of study that helps you unlock your potential, ready for whatever career you eventually decide to do! 

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