Erin Henderson (Travel & Tourism)

Erin started with us in September 2016 and finished her course (BTEC Level 3 Travel & Tourism) in June, alongside a two week work experience program at Co-Operative Travel Franche, she joined the course to improve upon her public speaking skills and to make it easier for her to perform talks to groups, primarily in group presentations, Erin herself feels that she has improved massively on each of these skills.

Upon completion of her course Erin has received several offers, The Point here at Kidderminster College have offered her an Apprenticeship position, and Co-Operative Travel Franche have also offered her a permanent position in their travel branch.

Erin had this to say about her time here..

“My two years at Kidderminster College completing a two year course in Travel and Tourism, overall I think the course has helped me a lot and helped broaden my knowledge of the Travel and Tourism sector, and I have learnt that it isn’t all about Cabin crew, and has also helped me find a career in Travel and Tourism which I wanted to at the start from help from the unit work experience where I completed 2 weeks at Co-Operative Travel Agents, they have offered me a position within their travel branch.”



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