Corey James [Level 2 Apprenticeship – Property Maintenance Operative]



We have our own Property Maintenance Apprentice here at Kidderminster College. Corey James is undertaking a 12 month Apprenticeship programme which combines hands-on work experience with one day of attending college.

The role of a Property Maintenance Operative is to ensure that the building they work within is kept in a safe working condition.

Being “on the job” means that Corey learns invaluable skills whilst gaining practical experience. Processes like fault-finding, working with electrical, plumbing and safety systems and how to provide amazing customer service are learned through a combination of “doing” and classroom theory. And it’s all under the guidance of a trained professional.

The wealth of skills learned on an Apprenticeship make an amazing foundation for a full-time role. Being able to practically complete a job and both encounter and problem-solve the challenges that come with it.   By the end of his Apprenticeship, Corey will know the “ins” and “outs” of the building and be an even more valuable member to the team.

“Kidderminster College is a nice place to work, every day is different. I choose the Apprenticeship route as I wanted a job where I could use my hands” – Corey James

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