Connor Bayliss [IT]


Hi Connor, thanks for sitting down with us!

What course did you study at Kidderminster College?  I studied Level 3 Diploma in I.C.T

What have you gone on to do after #TeamKC  I went on to do CGI and VFX at Staffordshire University, then moved onto Students’ Union President running a £4 million pound Charity!

What are your favourite memories of college? Meeting new classmates outside of school, and actually keeping in contact with a lot of them, I still live with one of those friends now and regularly meet up with others to enjoy catching up on old times!

What are your plans for the future? Hopefully to move and network during my time as President, slowly move into Marketing/Wellbeing services within Universities and the HE Sector.

How did college help you get to where you are today? College took me to Staffordshire University as a trip during my second year, I wouldn’t know or be where I am now without seeing it in the first place and meeting the people I did at college.

What’s your biggest achievement you’ve accomplished so far? Graduating with a 2:1 at University, winning our student elections in first place and becoming President, and reaching goals I didn’t think I’d ever surpass.

Any advice for current students? Take the leap, even if you doubt yourself for a second, if you don’t try something the end result will always be the same, but step out for one moment and EVERYTHING in the future could be different.

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