Charlie Thompson [Games Development]




It all starts with Games Development….

After completing Games Development Diploma Level 3 at Kidderminster College, Charlie secured a coveted place at the University of Derby to study VFX and Post-Production and worked on the Lion King film.


“For the Lion King I worked on the FX part of the film this being ground interaction from the characters (sand kicks, dust, etc). I also worked on the rain coming down at the end of the film. As well as the mist/fog in the forest scene that showed the cloud of Mufasa. “



What’s happening now?

What I am currently doing is mostly freelance work for my own company ‘Aposlo Studio’ where we do adverts/ promotional videos, short films and 3D motion Graphics !

I went to the University of Derby to study VFX and Post-Production. I enjoy the visual effect industry as it gives me the freedom to create anything and everything. From creating worlds to realistic creatures. It also gives me the freedom to work on films or games!


“Kidderminster College was the beginning to my career without it I would of gone down a completely different path and would never had the chance to work on one of the biggest animated films” – Charlie Thompson


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