Bradley Rodenhurst – National Apprenticeship Week

We asked employers and apprentices who work with The Point at Kidderminster College their views on hiring apprentices for National Apprenticeship week 2023.

The employer

‘Based in Worcestershire with an expert team of industry professionals with a combined 300 years’ experience, we have built a solid reputation for delivering the very best service in  both commercial and domestic markets’.


The student

Bradley Rodenhurst started a Carpentry apprenticeship at Level 1 and moved up to Level 2.

Why did you choose to do an apprenticeship?

I chose to do an apprenticeship as I thought it was the right thing to do moving forwards in life and it will enhance my career.


How do think the apprenticeship has developed your confidence?

By mixing with all groups of different ages, it has helped improve my confidence. I’ll work with 60 year olds and attend college with 17 year olds, so it’s a wide range of experiences.


Why did you choose carpentry?

I chose carpentry as it’s always something I’ve been interested in. I like the technical side and in my head I can plan things out and really think about it and it now comes naturally to me.


What are the benefits of working at Mark Connelly’s?

I love working there, the people are so nice and welcoming. It’s a big firm so I’m always meeting new people, and doing big high-end jobs whilst being supported in my job.


What do you think, if any, are the biggest challenges of being an apprentice?

I’m not the most confident person, so when you’re told to do something, you have that doubt in your mind that you’ll mess it up but you’ve just got to power through it and do the best you can.


Is the apprenticeship the right choice for you?

The apprenticeship is 100% the right choice for me, everyday is a new challenge and a new experience and to be able to have a laugh and enjoy yourself is great.

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