Annie Bayliss [WMSP Animal Care]

Annie Bayliss, one of our Level 2 Animal Care learners, made such an impression at her work experience placement that she was offered paid employment as a result. Additionally, she is hoping to begin completing an apprenticeship with them next year to achieve her dream of becoming a vet nurse.


What course are you currently studying at KC?
I am studying Animal Care Level 2 at West Midland Safari Park


Why did you choose to study this course and Kidderminster College in particular?
I choose this course because I would love to work with animals in the future. I was very excited to be at The West Midland Safari Park and see exotic and different animals.


What do you like about studying at Kidderminster College?
The encouragement and support from all of the tutors.


Where was your work experience placement?
My placement was at my local vets where they were keen to take me on as an animal care assistant.


What was the process like for finding work experience?
My work experience was easy to find however it did require a lot of communication between me and the practice.


What advice would you give someone looking for work experience?
The advice I would give to someone looking for work experience is to be confident and look for multiple work placements.


What does a day at work experience/work look like for you?
A typical day of work at the vet practice is preparing for any surgeries, taking care of any animals housed, animal handling during consults and general cleaning.


What are the highlights of being at KC/your work experience?
My highlight of being on the West Midland Safari Park Animal Care course is seeing all of the animals and different exotic creatures.


What’s next for you?
I am hoping to go to Abbydale veterinary college to study for a veterinary nurse degree through an apprenticeship.

Fancy a career with animals? Why not have a look at our Level 1, Level 2 or Level 3 West Midland Safari Park Animal Care Courses.

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