Alison Bolton [Teaching Assistant]

Alison Bolton completed our Supporting Teaching and Learning in Schools Level 2 and level 3 qualification at Kidderminster College.

We caught up with Alison to chat about her experience.

Tell us about your work experience and what skills you gained

I completed my work experience in a primary Academy school, I was based in reception. The work experience taught me a range of new skills and boosted my confidence. I learned how to conduct myself within a school setting and how to apply the school’s policies to my work. I had the opportunities to learn how the classroom works as well as being part of a bigger team, joining in the Christmas assembly and Easter parade allowed me to also mix with parents and other outside agencies.

I have learned how to plan activities and complete risk assessments. I have been able to develop ideas and share my thoughts with the class teacher and TA. I have dealt with a safeguarding issue during my placement and helped assist with behaviour management.

I have learned new techniques on supporting children with SEN. I now understand the importance of safeguarding and whistle blowing. I hadn’t realised how complex a school is and I found it extremely interesting learning about the different types of schools.

The Diversity and Equality unit really made the course an enjoyable one, this unit helped me in my performance within the school as well as while in college.

How did you progress into employment?

I have had a lot of positive feedback during my course which has boosted my morale. I decided to volunteer in year 3 for my career development and to gain more of an understanding of the curriculum as I’d been used to using the EYFS. I noticed a TA vacancy in my school so I decided to apply for the post. The interview consisted of sitting in front of a board of members and to plan and execute an activity based on either Mathematics or English. I was successful and completed my L3 whilst employed at the school. I have now completed my Level 3 course and the school have approached me to complete the HLTA.

How did you find your course?

The theory part of the course has enabled me to understand how policies and procedures work and how important they are in the workplace. I have gained so much knowledge during my course I feel more than capable of becoming a TA with many thanks to the incredible tutors and assessors on my course at Kidderminster College.

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