Alison Bolton (Supporting Teaching And Learning in Schools)

Alison completed her work  experience  at  Oasis Academy,  she was  based in reception. She said

” The   work  experience  taught  me  a  range  of  new  skills  and  boosted  my  confidence.  I   learned  how  to  conduct  myself  within  a  school  setting  and  how  to  apply  the  school’s   policies  to  my  work.  I  had  the  opportunities  to  learn  how  the  classroom  works  as  well   as  being  part  of  a  bigger  team,  joining  in  the  Christmas  assembly  and  Easter  parade   allowed  me  to  also  mix  with  parents  and  other  outside  agencies.

“The  theory  part  of  the  course  has  enabled  me  to  understand  how  policies  and   procedures  work  and  how  important  they  are  in  the  workplace.  I  have  gained  so   much  knowledge  during  my  course  I  feel  more  than  capable  of  becoming  a  TA  with   many  thanks to the  incredible  tutors  and  assessors  on  my  course  at  Kidderminster College”.

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