2021 #TeamKC Awards

2021 TeamKC Awards

It's been a tough year...
but we've got so much to celebrate!

Well, 20/21 has been quite the academic year hasn’t it? It’s all been about adaptation, resilience and of course, the #TeamKC spirit of working together and supporting each other.

We’re all about celebrating achievements here at KC and our awards night is our chance to to really showcase the incredible students and staff that make this place what it is. 

Voting for this years awards is as always, really easy. Firstly, have a think about who you would like to nominate and why — this bit is important as we want to be able to tell the whole of KC why the award winner has won! Next, fill out the voting form below (don’t forget to add your name to it so we can tell everyone who voted for them!) and then that’s it! Done!

So here are the categories!

Always at 110% - Outstanding Achievement

This award recognises the sheer determination, drive and commitment a student has shown over the duration of their course and pays tribute to their outstanding achievement. Whether it be their academic grades, skills achieved or amazing practical work – this student has well and truly been outstanding!

(High academic achiever | ‘top of the class’ | skills achieved | excelled in practical work)

There are five awards up for grabs here, one per area. 

KCHE High Flyer

This Higher Education specific award celebrates the outstanding achievement this student has accomplished over their course, utilising their commitment, hard-work and determination to blow us out the water!

(High academic achiever | ‘top of the class’ | skills achieved | excelled in practical work)

This award is Higher Education specific.

Mountain Mover - Progress

This student has persevering through the rough and the smooth, this student has made amazing progress!

(Has overcome personal adversity | developed their skills further | improved their future opportunities | academic progress)

There’s just one award for this category.

College Ambassador of the Year

This award recognises a student who has helped showcase Kidderminster College and/or their course within the community. They really help put Kidderminster and/or Kidderminster College on the map!

(Participated in all aspects of college life | improved reputation of college/area/community | volunteering | charity fundraiser | helps others)

There’s one award available for College Ambassador. 

2020/21 Adapter

In the 2020/21 academic year, we all had to adapt to a remote-learning world, and it hasn’t been easy. This student has excelled in the face of these changes. Nothing has stopped them in their goal to succeed!

(Used technology to their advantage | excelled working from home | thought outside the box | outstanding attendance throughout)

There are five awards up for grabs here, again, one for each area!

Gets The Job Done!

This staff member really gets the job done with a real #TeamKC spirit! Not only does the job get done, but it’s done with the staff and students at the heart.

(Delivers on promises| exceeds expectations | outstanding quality | completer finisher | motivates and engages others | team player | highly skilful)

#TeamKC Hero

This staff member really has their community at the heart of everything they do! They are truly a super-hero of Kidderminster College.

(Celebrates diversity, respect, British Values, equality | passionate advocate | drives an agenda | demonstrates empathy | supports our staff | supports our students)

Exceptional Teaching Award

Recognition for an exceptional teacher. A teaching member of staff who excels in making an impact. They’re memorable and recognised by their students and peers for their dedication and work in the classroom. Whether it be in the classroom or remote-teaching – this person shines!

(Respected by students | motivational | inspiring students future | relatable | fervent | thought provoking | creative | organised | determined | strong evidence of being an effective teacher)

Engagement Champion – Enriching

Recognition to a member of staff who has championed engagement with our students through enrichment activities. Adding value to our students experience at Kidderminster College and preparing them for their future.

(Strengthen students life skills | enhancing the student journey | cultivating opportunities | clear communicator | approachable)

Above & Beyond

This award recognises a team member for going above and beyond the call of duty to support our future students, current students, fellow colleagues, suppliers and others within NCG.

(Supportive | cooperative | responsive | accommodating | excellent communicator | approachable | encouraging)

#TeamKC 2021 Award Nominations
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